Industrial Ethernet PROFInet Type A
Industrial Ethernet PROFInet Type A


Industrial Ethernet PROFInet Type A

Type Cable Structure : Fixed installation, indoor 2x2x0.64 mm
Inner conductor diameter: Copper, bare (AWG 22/1)
Core insulation: PE
Core colours: wh, ye, bu, og
Stranding element: Star quad
Shielding 1: Polyester foil over stranded bundle
Inner sheath material: PVC
Shielding 2: Polyester foil, aluminium-lined
Total shielding: Cu braid, tinned
Outer sheath material: PVC
Cable external diameter: app. 6,5 mm ± 0,2 mm
Outer sheath colour: Green similar to RAL 6018
Electrical data
Characteristic impedance: 100 Ohm ± 15 ohm at 1 to 100 MHz
Conductor resistance, max.: 62 Ohm/km
Insulation resistance, min.: 0,5 GOhm x km
Loop resistance: 115 Ohm/km max.
Mutual capacitance: 50 nF/km nom.
Test voltage: 2 kV
Typical Values
Frequency (MHz) 10 16 62,5 100
Attenuation (dB/100m) 5,2 6,9 15,0 19,5
Next (db) 70,0 65,0 55,0 50,0
ACR (db) 64,8 58,1 40,0 30,5
Technical Data

Weight: app. 67 kg/km
Bending Radius, Repeated: 65 mm
Operating temperature range min.: -40°C
Operating temperature range max.: +80°C
Caloric load, approx. value: 0,34 MJ/m
Copper weight: 32,00 kg/km


Applicable standards: PROFInet Guideline | Acc. to ISO/IEC 11801 | Acc. to EN 50173 | Category 5e | Flame-retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1
UL Style: CMG 75°C PLTC FT4
CSA standard: CSA FT 4


HELUKAT® PROFInet Type A Cat 5e for fixed installation in industrial networks, rugged. It guarantees excellent transmission characteristics and may be used even under the harshest conditions. The cable listed here corresponds to PROFInet Type A; this means the version with PVC sheath is designed for normal fixed installations and the version with PU sheath is for difficult fixed installations in harsh industrial environments.

Part no. 800653, PROFInet type A (SK)

Dimensions and specifications may be changed without prior notice

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